Guiding Principles

    Restore Canada's 8 Guiding Principles

    Restore depends on many people working with a common mission to restore the lives of those in need with prayer, faith and community resources.  In order to provide support in a consistent and respectful manner Restore has established a set of guiding principles.

    1. What would Jesus do? We believe the answer is love God and love others. Faith in God and His mercy is central to everything we do in this ministry.
    2. Restore accepts anyone regardless of their faith, race, creed or gender. Faith or belief in God is not required to use Restore. 
    3. Provide love and encouragement to all those who seek help and support.  We cannot help everyone completely, but we can provide a blessing to everyone who asks.
    4. Focus resources on those who are ready to change.  If a person is not willing to take responsibility for changing their lives, we can only provide encouragement and short-term relief.
    5. Treat everyone with dignity and respect.  People find themselves in distress for many reasons, some by their own doing.  But no one wants to be hungry or cold or live on the street.
    6. Restore is not a solution to chronic problems.  Restore focuses on short term relief to alleviate suffering, and longer-term planning to bridge clients to a sustainable life.
    7. Gifts are a blessing and repayment is not expected.  There are exceptions that are in the best interest of a person.  Providing a gift that, if repaid, can be provided again helps in longer term debt repayment situations.
    8. Unfold the story, truth, and real problems by gaining trust.  Few people in real distress will provide the full truth the first time you meet.

    But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds. Show me your faith without deeds,
    and I will show you my faith by what I do.”  James 2:18 (NIV)