Care Planners

    Care Planners are the hands and feet of Restore Canada, they are the volunteers that interact one-on-one with our clients. Care Planners are trained in the Restore Method of Care to demonstrate the compassion of Christ and must be willing to connect and journey with people who are in distress.

    Care Planners learn how to:

    Listen without judging
    Find resources that will help the person in need
    Know who you can help and who you cannot
    Care for people while keeping healthy boundaries
    Make a proper assessment
    Use RES (Restore Engagement System) to record needs and plans.
    Help people choose options and journey with them until they find a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

    If you are interested in becoming a Care Planner click here to see when the next Care Planner training is. If you would like more information on Care Planners, please contact our Stouffville Care Coordinator, Naomi Suggs at