Client Stories

    Compassionate Guidance

    My experience with Restore was nothing but one filled with compassion.  My care planner was kind and understanding of my situation and took the time to help me figure out what my goals should be going forward. He took the time to build me up and show me love when I really needed it. Restore was there for me in my time of need. I've always been someone who tries to do things on his own and often ends up isolated. I'm glad I opened up.

    Hope in the Small Things

    A Story from a Care Planner

    Recently, my husband and I had the opportunity to help a family that had lost their furniture, including their beds, due to water damage. As we began, it was clear, they needed help finding these items. While this was accomplished, we were also able to connect with the family and invited them to our church Christmas breakfast. At a time of feeling hopeless, we were able to remind them that God was still there. The family still has financial struggles that they’re working through, but after connecting them with Restore and our church, they have a renewed sense of hope.  It’s not always about the big gestures, rather kindness and generosity in even small things, can increase one’s hope and outlook on life.

    Mutual Blessings

    "I saw a notice in our church bulletin last fall for a training session for Restore Care Planners.  Although I didn't know much about Restore, I felt a "nudge" from the Holy Spirit to follow up on this.  I took the training session and shortly thereafter, I was assigned a client name Ruby*.  Ruby is a Muslim woman in her early forties, with 2 young children, who lost her husband very suddenly four years ago following a major heart attack.  While she continued to try and hold it together for many years, continuing to work and parent her children, she began a downward spiral last year when she was laid off from her job.  Since the Fall, she and I have been meeting weekly to address various issues related to her emotional health, as well as basic issues such as assistance with bereavement, finances, etc.

    Ruby has touched me deeply as she has given me greater insights into clinical depression.  She shares openly and honestly about her situation.  Throughout this she has encountered many frustrations and disappointments but continues to follow through on suggestions given to her.  She is always very thankful for any assistance provided.  I continue to acknowledge how grateful she is for the help, but I also encourage her that she has helped me in many ways too.  That is really what volunteering is all about.  We set out thinking we are going to help others however, we end up being blessed ourselves.  It is a ministry, once we set our hearts to allowing the Lord to work in and through us.  To paraphrase Matthew 25:40, ‘Whatever you did for the least of these, you did unto Me.’” CS

    *Name has been changed for privacy reasons.


    It can be stressful when to have a sick child for a couple of days, this stress is magnified exponentially when the reality is two children with permanent physical challenges. When Becky called us because she did not have the money for the essentials needed for her children's care, let alone to pay for groceries. And if that wasn't stressful enough, her home was infested with mice and cockroaches. To say this was a family in distress would be to put it mildly.

    Our Care Planners were able to assist them with every level of need as it was presented. They worked collaboratively with Becky to address the root causes of her distress, and she was deeply grateful. God’s love was clearly lived out with this dear woman and her children.

    Hope in the Devastation

    Fires in a home can be devastating. This past month a young couple experienced this devastation first hand when their trailer burnt to the ground. They lost almost everything and were left homeless. Where were they supposed to turn for help? This was the BIG question in their minds.

    They heard about Restore Canada and phoned us. We had them work with 2 wonderful Care Planners who helped them find a place to stay. It was not straightforward, but God made a way where there was no way. With the partnership of four churches we were able to cover the cost of the hotel stay until we could find a free option. We are thankful to a Christian camp who has given them a beautiful cabin to use until they found a place to live.

    In the midst of this ordeal, they have started to attend a local church and the man said “we are lost without God’s help.”