Become A COVID-19 Care Giver

    During COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, our Care Givers will be providing help and support while keeping safe distances from our clients. Our COVID-19 Care Givers can help those in need in a number of ways:
    1. Telephone and/or Virtual Safe-Checks
    2. Grocery pickup and delivery
    3. Pharmacy/medication pickup and delivery
    4. Other supports determined by the Care Coordinator while safely practicing social distancing

    As COVID-19 Care Givers will be working with people in York Region who are in distress (which makes them vulnerable), there will be required screening and training for our COVID-19 Care Givers.

    If you LIVE IN YORK REGION and want to become a COVID-19 Care Giver please register using the button below.
    York Region COVID-19 Care Giver Registration

    If you LIVE OUTSIDE YORK REGION and would like more information on how to help those in your community please use the button below.
    Care Giver Info for Outside York Region