On-line Care Planner Training

    Restore Canada works with Churches, community providers and individuals to meet the needs of people in our community who are in distress.  Restore utilizes Care Planners and Care Givers to help those in need.

    A Care Planner is a volunteer from a local church, who utilizes the Restore Method of Care to provide support and guidance to persons in distress. Care Planners help those in distress by identifying their needs and directing them to relevant community resources.

    Our On-line Care Planner Training, will teach you how to be a Care Planner.  This training will equip you with an understanding of the Restore Method of Care, the role of the Care Planner and the support systems within the Restore Care Team. It will also teach you how to assess and engage clients with the Restore Method of Care.

    The on-line course will take you through Modules 1-5 of the Care Planner Training. Upon completion of those 5 modules, we will be in touch with you regarding available dates to take Module 6 in person. The final module must be done in person as this is were we discuss a few case studies and go over the necessary documentation to become a Care Planner.

    Cost: $100 for non Church/Community Partners (Free for Church/Community Partners)

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